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In 2015 we registered the prototypes of applications developed by our CEO - Rafael Ribeiro.

Initially the studies would be applied to programs of Artificial Intelligence, to decentralize data manipulated by intelligent systems, guaranteeing that there would be no negative plans in a given project, knowing that all type of transaction would be of public visibility.

The projects are in GitHub as Open source and can be used by any developer.

Over time, with tests performed and direct contact with ERP and BI systems, were tested ways using Blockchain for communication and automation of smart contracts with information based on existing Sistems data.

The coinMarketBrasil comes as applications begin to be presented to companies, and interested developers to apply blockchain technologies to systems are beginning to work to make projects a reality. Developing an Exchange (CMBExchange), a Dapp application for the decentralization of Contracts and Business Data (CMBSmartCompany) and the Coinmarket Token (CMBT).



Exchange is already fully Functional.

  • No Withdrawal Fees
  • No Internal Transfer Fees
  • Over 22 cryptocurrencies
  • Options for Ticket Payments / Transfer to FIAT

Coinmarketbrasil Template



  • Total Supply: 65,000,000 CMBT
  • ICO: 12,527,777
  • Base: Ethereum
  • Community Dist: 1,000,000