Innovation and Development

Our Team constantly works on research, testing and development of Dapps based blockchain.

Blockchain Applicability

We conduct research and implementations of Blockchain based Technologies in Business Management and Financial Control environments.

Commercial Smartcontracts

CMBSmartCompany is a blockchain based platform with global accessibility and compatible with any existing system aggregating management efficiency, cost reduction and security enhancement.

Development Team

Team Composed of highly qualified professionals, with the collaboration of professionals from different countries.

Change Management

Actions of changes, approvals and controls performed in a decentralized way, stakeholders will have access to updated contract information anywhere in the world in real time.

Decentralized Ledger

Using Blockchain based ledger to have a transparent system, immune to fraud, with superior efficiency compared to traditional systems in transaction agreements.


Blockchain based Access Control, automation of document records and management control at the decentralized level.

Training / Consulting

Training related to blockchain based technologies and their applications for financial, development, infrastructure and projects teams. Cryptocurrencies Management, development and management of SmartContracts, development of decentralized applications, implementation of blockchain based protocols in existing applications.

In addition to 3 Certifications available:

Certification: CMB_Blockchain-ProjectManagement

Certification: CMB_Blockchain-Development

Certification: CMB_Blockchain-Financial


Coinmarketbrasil is a company that operates in the field of cryptocurrencies, providing payment and receipt systems for crypto-coins, support and implementation of security, and business competitiveness based on Blockchain technologies. CoinMarketBrasil will provide a decentralization system for business project operations, which can be aggregated to existing ERP systems, increasing the security of databases implementing in addition to blockchain managed services, the speed of operation of the platform.

  • Business Exchange
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Decentralization Documents
  • SmartContracts Elaboration


The AuditsFiscal is a software created to visualize, manipulate and assist in the success of files with delimited fields, in a simple and fast way. Its main application is the fiscal files, like the SPED files, assist in the identification of the validation errors, facilitating the adjustments in your ERP.


ICOBox is the first and most recent Promoter and Business Facilitator for companies looking to sell their products via crowdsales at ICO.


Automated generation of Source Codes through template definitions.


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"Mastering some of the forces that affect your business can be pivotal to your company’s overall performance. The extent to which you as an entrepreneur can control them differs both internally and externally."


Coinmarketbrasil, Blockchain protokollerini kullanarak, otomatik akıllı sözleşmeleri kurumsal sistemlere kullanarak, verileri güvenilir, güvenli ve verimli bir şekilde doğrulayan ERP sistemlerinde yerinden yönetim yapmayı kanıtlıyor.

BTC Exchange Guide

CMBTokens can be used to make payments, exchange for goods and services, or exchange with other cryptocurrency. It is automated payment system makes it an ideal system for professional projects and systems with linked smart contract licenses.